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On Fri, 14 Dec 2007 12:51:39 -0600, Jon wrote:

My DC's are squaking about failing to renew their certificates. It's
stating that the RPC server is unavailable with Event ID's 13 and 16. I am
not sure where the certificates are supposed to come from. I have never
installed Certificate Services on any of my DC's or any other server I have
running. Should this be the first DC we created in our network? It was an
NT PDC that had an in place upgrade done on it. It has recently died and
needed to be replaced. Its death forced us to seize the FSMO roles due to
it not transferring them to another DC before it kicked the bucket. I am
running Windows Server 2003 SP2 on all of my DC's (two Root DC's and two
Child DC's) and all are configured as GC's and DNS. Do I need to install a
CA in my domain for this to work? Everything is working at the moment but I
need to settle this down.

What are the exact error messages?

Are you sure that you've never had a CA on this network or that no one has
deployed 3rd party certificates to these DCs in the past? A DC won't try to
renew a certificate if it doesn't have any.
Run mmc.exe and add the Certificates snap-in focused on the local computer
on the DCs that are complaining. Are there any certificates in the Personal
store? If so, who were they issued by?

Paul Adare
MVP - Virtual Machines
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