gpupdate /force killed my DC

I was adding permissions to a specific user on my Win2K3 box and decided to
user gpupdate /force to apply the new permissions to the user. When I
rebooted, most of my services failed to start. Now even the Administrator
account doesn't have permissions to either Domain Controller Security Policy
or Domain Security Policy. When I try to use Active Directory User's and
Groups I get "Naming information cannot be located because: The specified
domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." Since most of my
services are dead, I don't have any network connections. When I tried to
use dcpromo to demote the DC, it quit indicating that it couldn't use the
File Replication service because it depended on other service (which aren't

What happened? How can get my services running a become a real Administrator
with enough power to get myself out of this mess without re-installing



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