Re: set service start permissions to Administrator only

did you try to repair the windows installer ?

msiexec /unregister
msiexec /register


"George Valkov" <a@xxxxx> wrote in message news:OEhI$pX4HHA.2752@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank You for the replay, Mathieu, but this doesn't fix my problem.

I don't want any exceptions for any services. Limited uses must not be able
to start services.

Now about Your suggestion, this is what I did to test it:

create account "testUser"
member in groups "Users", "Remote Desktop Users"
remote desktop to localhost, login as testUser
start Word, asks for Name and Initials...
Office 2007 setup starts and completes in 2 minutes.
Word displays "Privacy Options", I unchecked all
Quit Word.

Start Word again... Office 2007 setup again...
Word is ready for use in 2 minutes,

Disable and stop "Office Source Engine" service
Disable and stop "Windows Installer" service

Start Word... 'An error occurred and this feature
is no longer functioning properly. Please run
Setup and select "Repair..." to restore this

Click OK -- Word shows and is ready to use!
No delays, no problems, no any kind of trouble!

I've tried reinstalling or repairing Office, but
nothing helps! This problem is ever since I
installed it for the first time. I also had the
same problem with Office 2003. I also had the same
problem in my previous and my current installation
of Windows 2003 server.

Well this could be because I've removed the "ShellNew"
for all of the office documents, of course Word wants
to restore it, but to prevent this I've set explicit
Deny permissions for changing that keys in the registry.

George Valkov

"Mathieu CHATEAU" wrote :
| Hello,
| Only administrators can start/stop services
| These services are exceptions, they are called to impersonate Office
| the MSI technology
| If you create a fresh user, it should only do that once, no more.
| -- | Cordialement,
| Mathieu CHATEAU
| "George Valkov" <a@xxxxx> wrote in message
| news:eLg6HvR4HHA.4184@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| > Hello everyone!
| > I'd like to know, how can I configure the permissions for a service so
| > that
| > only Administrators can start it.
| >
| >
| > I have a problem with Microsoft Office 2007 installed on Windows 2003
| > Enterprise. When I start for example Word as an Administrators member -
| > all
| > seems just fine. But if I change that account to User or Power User and
| > remove it from the Administrators group:
| >
| > When Word is started as a limited user, it starts Windows Installer
| > service
| > and Office Source Engine service. It takes about 2 minutes to complete
| > installation and Word is ready for use. But the next time he starts
| > it
| > starts installing again.
| >
| > On the other hand, if those two services are disabled, Word starts just
| > fine
| > with no delays, no installations and is ready for use. So that's why I'd
| > like to prevent limited users from starting those two services.
| >
| > Oh, by the way It will be much better if the limited users cannot start
| > any
| > services or drivers at all. This will increase the security. Is there
| > such setting or group policy, and where?
| >
| >
| > Thank You for any help or web-link!
| >
| >
| > George Valkov
| >
| >
| >