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Interesting. I have always simply added the groups to the computers'
local Adminstrators group. The same thing could be done by adding
Administrators to the "Restricted Groups" setting and specifying the
delegated group.

This setting is under:

Computer Configuration
Windows Settings > Security Settings > Restricted Groups

Just to be clear, the way one would do this, add a domain group
named for example OuControllers to the Administrators group
on all machines in the OU, is to add a Restricted Group definition
in a GPO linked to that OU. The Restricted Group definition would
be for the group OuControllers, one would leave the Members list
empty (not set) and would type in Administrators as the one entry
in the Member-Of list.


On Jul 26, 12:08 pm, "tin" <master...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello, I've delegated full controll to a security group to an OU, but
group still not able to manage computers remotely. For instance, they
perform administrative tasks on computers in that are in this OU. I know
can run a script to add this security group to all the active computers
that OU but I just wanted to know if there's another way to do this? I
think you can automate this through GPO though, but I could be wrong.



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