Re: Restrict users to one or two websites?

No, the company website and the timeclock site are both hosted elsewhere on
different servers. :-(

On 7/5/07 9:44 AM, in article
"jwgoerlich@xxxxxxxxx" <jwgoerlich@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are the company website and timeclock sites on the same subnet and
segment as the terminals?

J Wolfgang Goerlich

On Jul 2, 5:26 pm, Jeff Church <j...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello all,
I have 4 computers which are remote point-of-sale terminals and they log
into our system using terminal server. I would like to be able to restrict
them to be able to get to the company website and our online timeclock sites
ONLY. Where can this setting be done globally for either the terminal
services users or even just by specifying the machine names?

Thanks for your help,