Location of SFPCOPY.EXE Utility?

This is in regard to the issue I posted here:

Microsoft is telling me that a workaround for this issue would be to rename,
delete or move the un-patched version of WMP6.4 binary (dxmasf.dll) to help
secure your system. Also, they are saying that we can replace the un-patched
verison of WMP6.4 binary (dxmasf.dll) with the patched version.

Unfortunately I have tried doing these steps without luck due to System File
Protection (Windows File Protection). I mentioned this to them and they tell
me that I should be able to use the SFPCOPY.EXE tool/utility to do the
trick. They say that this utility is included with every Windows
installation, however, it does not seem to exist on any of the Windows
servers in our organization. I have told them this and they say that they do
not know why it is not on my systems, nor where the tool can be downloaded.

Does anyone know where I can find this SFPCOPY.EXE utility??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,