windows firewall question (multihomed system)

windows server 2003 R2 sp2

question about using firewall.cpl with a multihomed server. Not talking
about typical setup with RRAS basic firewall and an 'internal' and an
'external' interface.

easier said with scenario:
server with 2 (or more) NICS. Server is not a router and not providing NAT
of any kind. Just a server with 2 nics. Lets say each of the nics are
connected to a separate network. I need the firewall to have different rules
for each nic. Using firewall.cpl the Exceptions tab has preconfigured items
such as Remote Desktop and File and Print Sharing. Setting these effects all
nics (correct me if I'm wrong anywhere please). The Advanced tab allows you
to add exceptions for individual connections but it seems to be setup for a
port forwarding type of scenario where you would be forwarding the
particular exception traffic to a different computer. Am I to assume that to
simply create exceptions for one of the particular nics in my scenario I
should use this Advanced tab and just supply the local computer name and the
same port number for both internal and external port numbers... considering
its the local machine I'm setting this for? I just want to be sure since it
looks like its expecting you to be setting up port forwarding... and the
common preconfigured exceptions such as Remote Desktop and File and Print
Sharing are not there?