Re: NTFS permissions quandary

Actually what you "expect" is not possible without ABE. In the Windows world
even though a user does not have access to a file they can still "see" it.

Use ABE.


"BookerT" <chipw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Whenever I try to do really really special permissions, I always get

I have a list of files in a particular folder. However one of the
files, I don't even want a particular user to see when they open up
the folder

I create a group, and I give that group the List Folder contents right
on the folder containing the files.

On that particular file, I set deny permissions for a "host" of
Traverse Folder / Execute File
List Folder / Read Data
Read attributes
Read Extended Attributes
Read Permissions

However when that user browses to the folder and opens up the folder,
he still sees that file in the full list of files.

What did I set wrong, if anyone has any ideas

And to provide full disclosure (Smile). I actually would like to set
it up so that each person who browses to the folder will only see the
file that pertains to them, but for now I was just testing with one

My guess is I will have to rearrange how the files are organized on
the server.



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