Re: Access Denied after changing Servers

that's it, I forgot to set the share permissions correctly



"Roger Abell [MVP]" <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
It sounds as though you have taken care of the NTFS level permissions,
but have overlooked the share level permissions which with W2k3 would
grant Users Read whereas you need them to have Change.

"Dave Mackler" <dmackler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
All servers are Server2003, SP1 running active directory.. All
workstations are XP, SP2.

In a remote site the server crashed and was removed. An older server was
setup with a new IP address and name. The "Users" folder was created and
all the users's folders were copied to it. The files were restored from
a backup tape on another server in another location, then copied to a
mobile device, then copied to the new server.

Appropriate security settings were setup and verified. Each user has
full control over his assigned folder, sub-folders and files. A drive
mapping to each individual users' folder is made with the logon script
for that site.

But, no one can create, delete or modify anything. They can read any
file in their folder structure but any time they try and create, delete,
or modify a folder or file the error message is "Access Denied"

I checked security settings and they are correct. I even checked down to
Effective Permissions on the advanced tab for the user's folder, they
have full control. I know this must be something simple but not obvious
in NTFS security. Any guidance is gladly received.

dave Admin