Re: Home directory permissions. What to set?

Being Owner of a folder does not confer any access in and of itself.
It does allow that Owner to modify the permissions, or even give
away ownership. However, if there is no NTFS grant to the account
that is Owner that account has no access until permissions are changed.

The grant on the parent of Full to Creator Owner only has impact on
new things that are created by that account. It does not apply to things
owned by some account except in that it says, when some account
creates something (and hence is owner of it) place an NTFS grant on
that new something (in your example of Full) giving this to that account.

The usual form is for the account whose profile it is to exclusively have
a Full control grant, although there is a policy setting that causes the
system to also place a grant to Administrators on new profile dirs.

<g18c@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, i have the following setup:


with the permissions on the users directory (i do not inherit
permissions from parent)

Adminstrators: Full control
Authenticated users: Read only (this folder only)
Creater Owner: Full control
System: Full control

Then i set the owner of each sub folder, ie \users\chris owner is set
to c...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This works well, and seems a simple way of managing the permissions
(owners have access others do not). However is this the recommended way

of setting up permissions for home directories?

I ask because when i set the profile path (under Active Directory Users

and Computers -> user properties) it prompts me to grant full control
for the user to this folder. Is my way not better as it is clearer on
who has access based on the owner, rather than having to add explicit

Any advice much appreciated.




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