Re: Allow non-Administrator to view and terminate processes for all users


Any user in hold of Debug permission (SeDebug Privilege) can easily become
an owner (Administrator) on that PC... User with debug permission can run
tools such as lsadump, pwdump etc...

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"S. Pidgorny <MVP>" <slavickp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Interesting question... That might be a matter of changing one of the user
rights in the local security policy. Which one? I'd say "Increase
scheduling priority" or "debug programs".

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"Bruce Sanderson" <bsanders@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, is there a user right or group policy
setting (or other means) to allow someone to view and end processes from
any (all) users (e.g. in Task Manager - "Show processes from all users")
without making that someone's user account a member of the Administrators

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