Re: removing user from domain users group doesn't help

Steven L Umbach wrote:
Then consider either don't give domain users/users/everyone/authenticated user permissions to any shares and instead give permissions to the global groups you want to have access or give the global group deny permissions to the shares you don't want them to access or deny access this computer from the network user right for computers you don't want them to access shares [other than domain controllers] on which can easily be managed via Group Policy. Every time a user is created for the domain that user is automatically added to the domain users group. --- Steve

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Steven L Umbach wrote:
I do NOT recommend that you try to remove users from the domain users group as a strategy to manage access to shares or any other reason. Instead create global groups that contains the users that you want to have access to each share and then grant those global groups permissions to the shares and do not include users/domain users/everyone/authenticated users in the access control list for share permissions. -- Steve

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I have few shared folders on my w2k3 file server and most of them allow read access for the domain users group.

I am trying to create a shared folder that only allows one group of users to access. This group of users should has no access to other shared folders. I created a new group and put all these users onto the group and removed the domain users group from the "member of" property of these users. So all these users are only member of the newly created group. However, they are still able to access the file on the shares that have read access for domain users.

Can someone advice how I can change the ntfs/share permission so that I achieve my goal accordingly?



If the users still belong to the domain user group, they would be able to access to other shares that have access permission assigned to domain user group within the domain. I just want them to be able to access one single folder only. Thanks

This newly created group is actually for user who logon from non-domain machines. All they need is just read access to one particular folder. We have many shares defined and it is difficult not to give domain user group access as we have different permissions defined on various folders within folders. Also, there will be too much management work if we use deny permission on so many shares.