Re: NTFS permissions not applying consistently

Even more confusing is fact that the three that you mention
Read Attributes
Read Extended Attributes
Read Permissions
are part of a standard grant of List

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One possibility is that XP Pro can use stored credentials and the user is
not using the credentials you expect to access that share where access is
denied. While logged on as the user being denied access go to Control
Panel/user accounts/user - manage my network passwords to see and delete
or modify references to the share that is being denied access. It may
also help to check the security log of the server with the share where
access is being denied to see if there are any logon failures recorded at
the time of the access failure that may have helpful information. ---

Thanks Steve. The stored credentials one is the solution you gave me for
another problem a few weeks back. Too funny. :) Anyway, that wasn't it
this time around (solved the problem the last time though).

Last night I added the following permissions for the test user on the
problem share (all of them for "This Folder Only):

Read Attributes
Read Extended Attributes
Read Permissions

These, on top of Traverse and List which it already had. This seemed to
clear up the problem getting into it from XP. What still doesn't make any
sense to me is why the other folder with only Traverse and List is
accessible without these additional permissions. Anyway, my problem with
user access is gone, so I'll let it go. Other fish to fry.

Thanks for the suggestions!