SBS new user wizard -v- manual user setup


Win2003 SBS. At first I was setting up users manualy ie creat user, insert profile path d:\users\username then was told [I think on this ng] to allow wizard to create everything.

Now today I add user with wizard and OS creates account but profile and default path are blank. When I log on with new user, system creates d:\pub\username with my docus in it. Only problem is d:\pub is shared resource and everyone see everyones product.

Manually changed several users folders under \pub to restrict access to user and admin, but then I notice that my manual creations have my docus in d:\users\username and they are hidden from network. Also this \userename folder has many more folders [including hidden system folders] than \pub which seems to mainly have my docus.

Please point me in correct direction to discover my misunderstanding of correct procedure and also, if I am assuming correctly that the system SHOULD be building user folders at d:\users\username thereby hidden, is there an easy way to xfer existing d:\pub accounts to proper location?

Thanks in advance.

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