Re: 2k3 standard x64

Totally agree with you, Roger.
But the thing is that it's used as a commercial server with about 300 FTP
users. That's why I think i should use AV.
Installed Norton Antivirus now.. Sad to know of the perfermence-loss, but
what to do about that? I think with that many usesers able to upload files
to the server, I need to have AV.. Or am I just way out? hehe

"Roger Abell [MVP]" <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> skrev i melding
"Christopher Brandsdal" <christopher@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I'm setting up a new windows 2003 standard edition x64 as a webserver
The server is not in network with other servers or computers.

What kind of antivirus software should I use?

What is there to choose of in x64?
Have looked at Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0, but it looks
like it is for a bunch of client-computers...

Best regards,
Christopher Brandsdal

You may have good reason, but I am curious, why do you feel
that you need to lug a server down with anti-virus? It is not as
if it would be used as a fileserver, and AV does have a way of
hurting performance, so what is cause of the preceived need?
Consider, if the server is used as a server (i.e. no IE/OE) and
content is only promoted in controlled fashion from known
clean machines, how could it get a virus ?


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