Remote desktop: cannot logon interactively (please help...)


Using Windows XP

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place (wouldn't be surprised, its been one of
those days). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have a small test network
for dev work. The two dev machines just belong to Workgroup (I don't
generally fire up the server as it's real noisy and this is a small office),
i.e. no domain controller.

Whilst trying to figure out another problem (to do with SQL Server
security), I fired up my server (SBS 2003) and joined my two dev machines
to my domain. After failing to solve the sql server problem (like I said...
not a good day), I shut down the server and returned the two dev machines to
their original state (i.e. no Domain, just Workgroup) and rebooted etc.

The problem I have now is that neither dev machine can connet to the other
using remote desktop. This is a serious pain as one of the machines is a

I search the net and MS and found lots of solutions to slightly different
setup, none of which worked.

On both machines in the security settings the "Terminal Server" group is
included in the "Logon locally" policy and the "Allow users to logon
remotely" option is ticked.

I have no idea whats gone wrong :@(

Any help much appreciated



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