Re: Setting up IIS 6.0 tutorial

IIS 6.0 is fairly secure by default in that it is very locked down compared
with previous versions and not enabled by default. The links below should
help. General procedures such as a firewall, disabling unneeded services,
using antivirus, strong passwords, log monitoring, and keeping current with
critical security updates are also important steps. The free Microsoft
Baseline Security Analyzer is also a great tool to check certain security
vulnerabilities on your computer including for IIS as is the Security
Configuration Wizard for SP1. --- Steve --- MBSA
--- Security Configuration Wizard

"Surre" <u18972@uwe> wrote in message news:5c3a96d2979f3@xxxxxx

is there any good tutorial for a semi-newbie on how to set up IIS 6.0 on a
windows 2003 server to make it as safe as possible?
I mean a step-by-step guide to follow that will make the webserver safe.



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