I have a Dell PowerEdge 2550 server running Windows 2003 SP1 and have
strange behavior occurring every 7-14 days. The server will always respond
to a ping however when the problems start, I notice services start becoming
choppy in response and eventually do not respond at all....when it gets into
this state, I cannot access the system with RDP and the actual system
console loses the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen which was displayed prior to the
trouble starting.

The server runs the following apps/services

IIS 6.0
Windows SharePoint Services
MSDE for SharePoint
XWall 3.34

The server is protected by firewall appliances and the event logs show no
signs of any trouble on the system at anytime. A straight 2 hour Dell
hardware diag run reflected no problems on the system whatsoever.

Any idea what direction I can take to resolve the issue? I'm convinced it
is software and maybe even specifically with the lsass engine but can't
confirm without any event entries to go on. This doesn't happen frequently
though it does consistently happen. The server has 3GB of RAM and everytime
I look in on it, it has more than half of the physical RAM available with
normal paging.

I'm stumped....I'll call PSS if I have to but the problem is I can't force
the problem to occur making it more difficult to troubleshoot.

Phoenix, Arizona