Re: Folder security question

You could chase this back, etc. and then look and see that
ultimately there is the basic issue that if the admins cannot
be trusted then any config control put in place is not going
to accomplish what you are after.

Setting CFO and user as only allowed accounts per folder,
and having private from IT staff all passwords for local admin
accounts, places a hurdle in the way. However, any account
granted admin, heck even just power user, etc., access on the
machine, such as by means of Domain Admins, will be able to
walk right around those NTFS controls in a number of ways.

If you cannot trust those granted admin powers in your
infrastructure then you have the wrong people.

The technology based solutions to this (in any operating system)
can raise the bar, perhaps beyond the ability of unscrupulous
staff to hurdle. But, ultimately there is someone in the admin
staff that could get around the controls of the more expensive
technologies one could apply.

"Eric" <Eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am tasked with an interesting security project. I have a network with
about 250 users and we require the users to give passwords to computer
administrators for setting up and testing the user's workstation. My
accounting department wants to print a copy of each users payroll check
a directory that only the user and CFO can access. Taking into
that IT has a password list the security is compromised for this one
directory. Is there a way to setup up password security on a folder and
let the user of the folder assign a password to it? I am thinking this
have to be outside of active directory. Any suggestions would be

Eric Olsen


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