Re: Windows 2003 security issue

This is the only machine with the problem.

"M Irusalimsky" <> wrote in message
> another tought, how about your entire network?
> is this the only mashine that has this problem?
> is it possible that someone disabled it in the registry?
> --
> M Irusalimsky
> "Knowledge is power"
> "Francis" <francis@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:OmWBKnVJGHA.2668@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>I have run asop.msc and can't find any settings in the GPO that prevent
>>file download. Firewall is disabled & the only software on the terminal
>>server is Office2003
>> Francis
>> "M Irusalimsky" <> wrote in message
>> news:eQKcyMUJGHA.1848@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> As Steven said, you should run "rsop.msc" or the command line version
>>> "gpresult.exe", and see which GPO in your network setup prevents file
>>> downloads.... is there any other software/firewall that may prevent you
>>> from downloading files?
>>> --
>>> M Irusalimsky
>>> "Knowledge is power"
>>> "Francis" <francis@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:usX1HsTJGHA.2040@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> The server is not a DC and OS is windows2k3 SP1
>>>> "Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>> news:uPwXc8PJGHA.1180@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>> He never specified it the computer was a domain member or not I
>>>>> believe. If it is a domain computer then yes there should be at least
>>>>> two GPOs that could be implementing settings but there could be more -
>>>>> a lot more which is why rsop.msc or the command line version gpresult
>>>>> would be best to run. In this case however if IE maintenance settings
>>>>> [which are not in administrative templates] are being used as long as
>>>>> he can actually configure the Web Content Zone security settings the
>>>>> settings should apply and they would not change back until there is a
>>>>> Group Policy refresh for the user and IE maintenance settings are
>>>>> reapplied at every refresh which is not the default or the Group
>>>>> Policy that applies those settings is edited and saved which leads me
>>>>> to wonder if the settings are being enforced somewhere else such as in
>>>>> HKLM. He also did not specify if he was using SP1 or not which has a
>>>>> whole lot more settings for IE but rsop.msc should be a good start to
>>>>> see if any GP settings are enabled that could be causing his
>>>>> problem. --- Steve
>>>>> "M Irusalimsky" <> wrote in message
>>>>> news:u$LIrvHJGHA.668@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>> well all i can say is, there is 3 GPO's to check:
>>>>>> DC gpo (if the server is a DC), domain GPO, and then local GPO, when
>>>>>> you run gpedit.msc on your computer/server, you only check local GPO
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> M Irusalimsky
>>>>>> MCP, MCSA, MCSE
>>>>>> "Knowledge is power"
>>>>>> "Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>> news:%23mlKs19IGHA.596@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>> Weird. I don't know if the computer is a member of a domain or not
>>>>>>> but if it is there might be more than one Group Policy managing
>>>>>>> those settings and it might help running rsop.msc on your TS server
>>>>>>> to see what Group Policies are being applied to the user. If you are
>>>>>>> logging on with a domain account then try logging on as a local
>>>>>>> administrator that is not a domain account.
>>>>>>> If none of that applies or helps and you have another Windows 2003
>>>>>>> Server or maybe even an XP Pro computer around that does not have
>>>>>>> the problem you could try exporting the registry keys for
>>>>>>> _USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet
>>>>>>> Settings\Zones\ and
>>>>>>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet
>>>>>>> Settings\Zones\ from a computer that does not have the problem and
>>>>>>> import into the registry of the probelm server via .reg file
>>>>>>> starting with
>>>>>>> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet
>>>>>>> Settings\Zones\ being sure to backup those keys on the server ---
>>>>>>> Steve
>>>>>>> "Francis" <francis@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>>> news:%23O5QhjuIGHA.532@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>> Yes, I have uninstalled the IE ES for admin & users and it is still
>>>>>>>> popping up saying that it is enabled. About being linked to some
>>>>>>>> other website that may be in
>>>>>>>> a different web content, I can't tell as it is not showing at the
>>>>>>>> bottom right of the browser.
>>>>>>>> If it is linked, is it because of that particular file or website
>>>>>>>> that I am trying to download from. As it is, I can't download from
>>>>>>>> any site, even from our intranet.
>>>>>>>> Francis
>>>>>>>> "Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>>>>>>>> message news:e0wojSoIGHA.964@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>>> Hmm. When you try to download does it show that the site is in a
>>>>>>>>> trusted zone at the bottom right hand corner of the browser window
>>>>>>>>> and is the download from the same website and not linked to some
>>>>>>>>> other website that might be in a different web content zone? You
>>>>>>>>> might also want to post in the
>>>>>>>>> newsgroup. When you
>>>>>>>>> went to Control Panel/add and remove programs/Windows components
>>>>>>>>> to remove IE enhanced security try uninstalling it for users and
>>>>>>>>> administrators if you did not do so before to see if that makes a
>>>>>>>>> difference. --- Steve
>>>>>>>>> "Loh" <francisloh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>> news:%2367%23L3kIGHA.3492@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>>>> Thanks Steven for the suggestions. I have tried everything you
>>>>>>>>>> said but no
>>>>>>>>>> go. However, there is some difference in the error when I created
>>>>>>>>>> a new user
>>>>>>>>>> (with admin rights). It looked as though it was going to work
>>>>>>>>>> when it asked
>>>>>>>>>> for the web site to be added into the trusted zone & lower its
>>>>>>>>>> security.
>>>>>>>>>> When done, it asked for the same action but acknowledges that the
>>>>>>>>>> site is
>>>>>>>>>> already added when I tried to add again.So I cannot get past this
>>>>>>>>>> block -
>>>>>>>>>> same issue. IE must be stuffed.
>>>>>>>>>> Francis
>>>>>>>>>> "Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>>>>>>>>>> message
>>>>>>>>>> news:uWldqfjIGHA.516@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>>>>> Try adding the website you are trying to download from to your
>>>>>>>>>>> trusted Web
>>>>>>>>>>> Content Zone and then set security for that zone to low to see
>>>>>>>>>>> what
>>>>>>>>>> happens.
>>>>>>>>>>> Make sure that the website in question is not in the restricted
>>>>>>>>>>> web
>>>>>>>>>> content
>>>>>>>>>>> zone. Is this a new or ongoing problem or did it happen suddenly
>>>>>>>>>>> or after
>>>>>>>>>>> installing any software? I would also try creating a different
>>>>>>>>>>> user
>>>>>>>>>> account
>>>>>>>>>>> to try from that will generate a new user profile based on the
>>>>>>>>>>> default
>>>>>>>>>> user
>>>>>>>>>>> profile to see if that account has the same problem or not. ---
>>>>>>>>>>> Steve
>>>>>>>>>>> "Francis" <francis@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>>> news:ODRdsxYIGHA.2012@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>>>>> > Hi,
>>>>>>>>>>> > I really need some help after spending hours trying to resolve
>>>>>>>>>>> > the
>>>>>>>>>> windows
>>>>>>>>>>> > 2003 issue.
>>>>>>>>>>> > Have a win2k3 server used as a terminal server and I cannot
>>>>>>>>>>> > download any
>>>>>>>>>>> > file from the internet or intranet.
>>>>>>>>>>> > I have tried logging in as administrator both remotely as well
>>>>>>>>>>> > as
>>>>>>>>>> locally.
>>>>>>>>>>> > It shows a security alert "Your current settings do not allow
>>>>>>>>>>> > this file
>>>>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>>>>> > be downloaded." I have tried setting the browser
>>>>>>>>>>> > internet/intranet/trusted
>>>>>>>>>>> > zones to medium-low with "allow file download","run activex
>>>>>>>>>>> > controls and
>>>>>>>>>>> > plugins"..... enabled. No success.
>>>>>>>>>>> > I have even disabled Internet Explorer Enhanced Security
>>>>>>>>>>> > Configuration
>>>>>>>>>>> > just to try if it works. No success.
>>>>>>>>>>> > I have edited the group policy by running gpedit.msc and
>>>>>>>>>>> > enabled
>>>>>>>>>>> > everything in the Internet security settings. No success.
>>>>>>>>>>> > There is no firewall, antispam on the server & have disabled
>>>>>>>>>>> > antivirus.
>>>>>>>>>> I
>>>>>>>>>>> > think I have tried everything I know or have read about.
>>>>>>>>>>> > Is there something I am missing? Thank you.
>>>>>>>>>>> >
>>>>>>>>>>> > Francis
>>>>>>>>>>> >


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