Re: DHCP Management and Windows Firewall

Found it! tcpsvcs.exe in System32!


"Dav Banks" <here@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Does anyone know what the DHCP management executable is? I'm using (or
> trying to) XP to manage my servers (Win2K3) but I can't find the
> executables for some services to add to the firewall exceptions. In
> particular, the DHCP management snap-in seems to try to access a different
> port each time I start it up. It would be easier if I could add the
> listening executable on the server to the server's firewall exception list
> instead of sniffing for the port in use and then going to the server to
> open it each time.
> Has anyone else seen this? The ports are usually 10xx like 1091 or 1067.
> dav