Re: firewall recommendation

It's sufficient, depending on your security needs. But if you have $600 US,
you might consider something like It has much more robust
features, including more improved logging, signature-based intrusion
prevention and intrusion detection, filtering of outbound connections,
bandwidth shaping, reporting, VPN, etc.

The logging features of the Windows firewall are truly terrible. Entries go
to a text file which you open with notepad. No reporting whatsoever, unless
you write and parse your own. It is meant to be good enough for most uses.
I recommend people use the Windows firewall because it is good enough, but
don't expect it to be a fully featured firewall, or else you will be very
very very sorely disappointed.

Programming a firewall with no outbound filtering is just ridiculous.

"Dave" <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> is the 2003sp1 firewall adequate for protecting a machine that is a web
> server to the outside world, and also does file and print sharing for a
> simple workgroup internally? is there adequate configurability to allow
> machines on the lan (192.168.0.*) full access while blocking anything not
> for the web server from the natting router from outside? (the router is
> dumb and has no firewall, just everything coming in gets directed to one
> internal ip) how are the logging features?