Re: log onto a DC for non domain admins

From: Roger Abell [MVP] (
Date: 11/16/05

Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 22:43:41 -0700

You could try making them Server Operators, although this would
carry more than just what you have here specified, but it may be
that if they are to be able to reboot a DC they will also have these
other duties. In addition then they would need login/ts grants.

Roger Abell
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server : Security)
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"Nathan" <> wrote in message 
> What are the minimum permissions needed to log onto a DC and restart a DC 
> via TS. Is there an existing group?
> Our team wants to use actual domain admin privileges as little as 
> possible. We have successfully delegated user/group/replication but still 
> need to log onto a DC for restarts.
> Thanks
> Nathan