Re: Grant Object Access

From: Andrew Hayes (
Date: 08/22/05

Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 12:01:19 +0900

Hello Brian,

You are correct. The COM+ wrapper that I wrote around the Scheduler system
component is called from a .ASP page (not ASP.NET) that the user is
redirected to when the upload of their data file is complete.

The wrapper is a traditional COM component written in VC++ that I use to
enumerate and create a task in the Scheduler to run an EXE that handles the
virus checking of the uploaded file.

As for being locked down... Well, I'm not entirely sure what you mean.
Windows Update has been done repeatedly until there were no more updates to
install. I do remember something about seeing a "tighten security on IIS"
task in the IIS Manager, but that option disappeared after installing
Windows Server 2003 SP1.

Does that help any?


"Brian Muth" <> wrote in message
> Andrew, I've been following along your posts with interest. I'm afraid I
> don't have any answers for you, but perhaps you can clarify the following
> for me...
> The IUSR_WIN2003 account suggests that a web page is being called. Is this
> an ASP page or an ASP.NET page? The reason I'm asking is by default
> does not use impersonation whereas the ASP page does.
> Is the COM+ object a traditional COM object written in VC++ or is it a
> .NET
> object using Enterprise Services?
> Is this a machine which has been locked down? If so, what technique was
> used?
> Brian