Persistent Security Alerts and Problems

From: Bryan L (
Date: 08/01/05

Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 16:41:07 -0500

In Internet Explorer, we (meaning all domain users) have recently begun
receiving warnings when changing between secure and not secure mode. This
didn't used to happen, and if we choose "In the future, do not show this
warning," it fixes the problem for a short time, but it always returns;
probably when group policy refreshes at its regular interval. I'm sure
there's a group policy setting that may have been inadvertently changed that
is causing this, but I can't find it. I've used the Group Policy Results
Wizard to examine the settings being applied to workstations, and I cannot
find a GPO setting that corresponds to this setting -- or for that matter,
any setting -- on the Advanced tab of the Internet Options properties sheet.

As a possibly related issue, we've been experiencing some bizzare behaviour
with ActiveX controls on websites. On some workstations (possibly all, and
some just haven't encountered it yet), the information bar is stating that
the security configuration of the computer does not allow websites to run
ActiveX controls, and clicking the information bar does not provide an
option to allow the control to install or run. Now, I *did* make use of
Group Policy to configure the security settings for the internet zone months
ago, and for many months, we've run without issues. I've double-checked the
settings in that GPO, and as far as I can tell, they're relaxed enough that
we should not be getting this message. The Results Wizard identifies my GPO
as the Winning GPO for each of those settings, yet something is obviously
going wrong.

Is there anywhere else I should or could be looking as I troubleshoot these

Thanks in advance,