Re: Login Interactively

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 06/24/05

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 23:54:39 -0500

Roger's advice as usual is right on. I just want to add that from your
description you seem to have inconsistent application of Group Policy and
that it seems that at the domain/OU level you configured the user rights for
logon locally and/or deny logon locally incorrectly. Keep in mind that deny
user right will override an allow user right. I would also suggest that you
make sure that your dns is correctly configured for the domain as per the
first link below. Use the support tools netdiag, dcdiag, and gpotool on your
domain controller and the support tools netdiag and gpresult on your domain
member computers to check for proper network connectivity, dns name
resolution, domain membership/secure channel, and replication for domain
controllers. --- Steve

"David" <> wrote in message
> We're running a domain with a Windows 2003 server as the pdc and a Windows
> 2000 server as the sdc. All of the clients are XP Pro or 2000.
> I just enabled group policy so that all of the machines would get
> automatic updates.
> Now when the majority of the users try to login they get "'The local
> policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively"
> If I reboot sometimes it will let them login. Other times logging in as
> administrator then trying to login as them works.
> Some users have no problem logging in.
> Is there some setting somewhere that configures this?
> I've already given everyone local login rights through the Domain
> Controller Security Policy, but still get the error.
> Thanks

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