June Visio Partner Webcast June 21st - 9am PDT

From: Ken Hoffman \(Volt/Microsoft\) (a-kenh_at_online.microsoft.com)
Date: 06/17/05

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 09:31:40 -0700

This month the Visio Partner Webcast will feature two important business
solutions. One that extends Windows Server 2003 RMS to Visio and a powerful
business process management solution.

Register here:

Liquid Machines www.liquidmachines.com

Liquid Machines Document Control extends Windows RMS to include Visio 2003
and other document types. This allows Visio to become part of a business's
enterprise rights management strategy.

"The Fortune 1000 and middle-market companies we serve want to take
advantage of RMS to help secure applications such as Adobe Acrobat and
Microsoft Visio. Liquid Machines makes that possible ." Chris Lavelle, Vice
President of Security and Infrastructure at Idea Integration.

Mavim www.mavim.com

Mavim's software makes an organization's processes and procedures both
visible and manageable. Mavim Designer, developed on Visio, aids in the
design and documentation of critical business processes. Mavim Web Viewer
provides web access and key-word searches of information maintained in Mavim

"With the help of Mavim all employees can leverage Atradius expertise via
our world wide intranet" Bravo van Benschop, Atradius Account Manager

Ken Hoffman (Volt) a-kenh@online.microsoft.com
Visio Product Management
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