Re: ACL with group name starting with a #

From: Michel Lapointe (
Date: 06/17/05

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 10:47:42 -0400

That's my guess also...

It seem that the ACL GUI insert the \ to treat the # as an escape character
for some processing but doesn't clean the string before display...

Thank to both of you to confirm my guess...

"Joe Richards [MVP]" <> wrote in message
>I would say it is a bug in the file system ACL editor GUI dialog. It
>doesn't occur in the AD ACL Editor GUI dialog and doesn't occur when
>enumerating the permissions from the command prompt.
> joe
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> Joe Richards Microsoft MVP Windows Server Directory Services
> Michel Lapointe wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to know why does the Folder ACL windows append a \ in
>> front of a group name starting with a #.
>> I know that a # as the first character in an LDAP query is against
>> the syntax, but the previous admin have create the group with this
>> character anyway.
>> Therefore my problem is why when I use a group like #groupname in
>> file security throught the normal File Security Interface, Windows append
>> a \ in front of the name.
>> Repro step:
>> 1. Create a group in AD with a # as the first character
>> 2. Create a new folder and assign Full access to this new group. The
>> name will display properly
>> 3. Close the ACL windows
>> 4. Wait a couple of minutes
>> 5. Reopen the ACL windows. The name will be displayed with a \
>> appended to the name like \#groupname
>> If anyone know why, or know a way to avoid it (it seem to be purely
>> esthetical) without removing the #, it will be appreciated
>> Thank
>> ML