Re: Active Directory User Object certificate store to personal certificate store

From: S. Pidgorny (
Date: 02/27/05

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    Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 13:07:26 +1100


    Password protects a private key, not the certificate.

    Active Directory doesn't store private keys. The main goal of certificate
    publishing in AD is to make public key available to all other AD clients -
    that facilitates S/MIME encryption without perr key exchange, for example.
    When you're trying to utilise AD for private key storage, you're looking in
    a wrong direction.

    However, the keys and certificates are stored in the user profile - you can
    have roaming profiles that will follow the users.

    I recommend you to look into smart cards instead of "soft" certificates for
    "High security".

    Svyatoslav Pidgorny, MVP, MCSE
    -= F1 is the key =-
    "Rob McShinsky" <> wrote in message
    > Is there a way to move AD published certs to from the Active Directory
    > Object cert store to the Personal cert store so that these will follow a
    > user around from computer to computer so they can be utilized by
    > applications.  At the current time we are not looking at autoenrolling
    > certificates because we want to have users create High Security
    > that will require a password before the cert is used for client
    > authentication.  I can see the certs in the AD User Object cert store for
    > the user logged in but they are not accessable from IE, at least with my
    > current knowledge.  This is where our current PKI test application is.  Is
    > there a GPO setting that will make these accessable within the Personal
    > store?  Is there a way to have an application directly reference the AD
    > Object cert store?  Is ther another programatic/scripting way to utilize
    > these certs?   Thanks for your guidance on this subject.
    > Rob McShinsky

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