Re: PKI documentation

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 01/29/05

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 19:49:09 -0600

Mike gave some great links but I just want to add that Brian Komar's book
[as shown at the link below] on Windows PKI is well worth the money for
those that are going to be implementing or expanding PKI, particularly past
a single CA installation [though it is excellent for that also]. --- Steve -- same link as above, shorter in case of wrap.

"Rob McShinsky" <> wrote in message
> Just looking for some more resources from those that have PKI in place or
> are planning. Any experiences, documentation, or sites would be very
> helpful. Currently we are testing our 2-tiered CA structure with MS CA's.
> Thanks
> Robert McShinsky

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