Re: Block HTTP remote access

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 12/12/04

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    Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:06:05 -0600

    You might try to track down the process that they use to do such on a
    computer and track it back to the executable used and set deny permissions
    to that executable or disable the service if it is installed as a service.
    Task manager or free tools from SysInternals such as Process Explorer,
    TCPView, and Autoruns may be able to help you track this down. Other options
    may be to block the URL at your firewall [if it is capable of that] or call
    then and tell them to give YOU a new security code for that option that
    would deny the other users access since they do not know the security
    ode. --- Steve

    "Sherra Duran" <> wrote in message
    >I am a tech director at a local school district. We are using software for
    > our lunches etc. The software company has an option of offering online
    > assistance through their software, using HTTP. I didn't realize this
    > option
    > was available until one of my Staff let me know that this software company
    > was assisting her with troubleshooting the software. She would select the
    > utilities-->technical assistance option and it would direct her to an
    > https
    > webpage and she would input a security code and give the software tech
    > full
    > control of her PC.
    > I am addressing the lack of communication between this staff person and
    > the
    > tech department.
    > I have told the company to NEVER use this option with our school. I have
    > instructed the users to NEVER use this option.
    > How can I block the https service that offer remote assistance?
    > I have tried to block the individual IP address with no luck. They use
    > redirects that run off of their main IP address. For now, I have block
    > the
    > main IP address, but we do need to access the main website for
    > downloads/patches to their software.
    > Is there a general way to block this service all together?

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