Re: DCOM Access Permissions

From: Jayme Pechan (
Date: 12/07/04

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 06:26:50 -0800

The part I don't understand is that my application calls
CoInitializeSecurity on startup (I have verified this) and directly from the
documentation for this function it reads:

If you set processwide security using the registry and then call
CoInitializeSecurity, the AppID registry values will be ignored and the
CoInitializeSecurity values will be used.

So I thought what this was telling me is that the DCOMCNFG settings that go
into the AppID registry entry will be ignored. Apparently this isn't true
sometimes but I can't tell how to make it hold true. Right now I'm passing
a NULL security descriptor so it should allow access to anyone... I thought.

"Jayme Pechan" <> wrote in message
> I have built an application that requires AccessPermissions to be set on
> COM Service. One of the requirements is that after the install, the user
> must go into DCOMCNFG and add permission for the ASPNET user to access the
> COM Service. I have found that this adds a binary entry to the AppID in
> registry.
> My question is, is there a way to do this programmatically? Perhaps the
> AccessPermission can be exported then imported during the install? My
> suspicion is that that would be impossible since I have to assume that the
> binary data includes information on the actual user that requires access
> the resource. I would imagine that on each machine, this may be
> The name is likely to be the same on each but the ID for this user is
> probably going to be different. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding
> to go about doing this? Thanks