Re: AD ports

Date: 09/12/04

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 15:24:06 +0200


Is there a problem with what I did?

"Karl Levinson [x y] mvp" <> wrote in message
> One possibility is using IPSec between the two domain controllers? Then
> you open ports for IPSec and not for AD.
> Other possibilities are to decide that everything is working and keep
> those
> ports closed, or to open a range of ports.
> <s> wrote in message news:uW393sLmEHA.2412@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
>> Hi
>> I have 2 sites that protected by CheckPoint firewall.
>> In each site I have DC.
>> I closed all the ports and opened only the necessary ports for AD and
>> internet.
>> I also changed the RPC dynamic assignment port from Dynamic to Fix ,port
>> 9999, in
>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters\
>> I had the parameter TCP/IP Port=9999
>> All the replication is working good.
>> My problem is that in the FW monitor I see that the 2 DC's try to connect
> in
>> ports 1057,1059 and 1061, but those prots r closed.
>> How can I find what r those ports?
>> Than'x
>> Shay

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