Re: Cannot login from 2000 DC to 2003 DC

From: Miha Pihler (
Date: 08/12/04

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    Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 10:22:31 +0200

    Can you try and map a network drive from old server to new serve? E.g.

    net use x: \\new_server\share /user:domain\user_name password

    Does this work? If it doesn't can you try

    net use x: \\\share /user:domain\user_name password

    Where is IP of your server.

    Well it looks to me that for some reason your old server is not part of
    domain any more. What happens if you go to Site and Services and try to
    replicate servers manually? Is this successful?


    "Walter Horowitz" <> wrote in message
    > I have a network with 2 servers, an existing Windows 2000 server and a
    > new Windows 2003 server. Our objective is to change the server names so
    > the new server gets the name of the existing server.
    > My plan was to demote the old server and then rename it. I would then
    > promote it back. I could then demote the new server, rename it and promot
    > back. I have already moved all of the roles to the new server in
    > anticipation of the demotion of the old server.
    > I cannot demote the old server because it cannot login to the new server.
    > I try to access shared directors on the new server from the old server,
    > of the credentials work. I can login to the new server with other domain
    > computers in the local network.
    > The new server is running ISA. The old server Proxy. There are no rules
    > apply to the servers only. I'm at a loss to explain why this is happening.
    > Any ideas?
    > Walter Horowitz
    > Mardovar Networking LLC

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