Apply security settings or take ownership: access denied.

From: HJ (
Date: 08/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 11:08:32 +0200

Hi all,

After reinstalling Small Business Server 2003 we are unable to access a
number of user directories and files. For many directories and files there
is no problem whatsoever, but a few keep giving us a headache.

The operating system has been installed on the C-drive, the data is on the
D-drive. When reinstalling SBS2003 we reformatted the C-drive and we did not
change anything to the D-drive.

I do believe that this is a permissions issue. I tried to take ownership of
the forementioned directories and files, but this is not possible. I cannot
even see any security settings on the security tab of the directory
properties. When I try to reapply the security settings of higher-level
directories to the subdirectories, I get an 'Access denied' message on
several directories and files.

The tool xcacls.exe showed the same result. All directories and files can be
given new permissions, except the few problematic ones. Here we also get an
'Access denied' message.

I am lost at finding a solution. How can I take the ownership of these
directories and files? I do not mind if the entire drive needs to be
'resecured', I just want the files to be accessible.

O, offcourse I am logged on as the Administrator.

Thanks in advance,