Re: Directories on windows 2003 server always read only??

From: James (
Date: 08/01/04

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 11:45:17 -0400

the way it is setup is a public directory with security set to Full for 3
accounts that need
the ability to create folders to that public share. I left share permissions
as default(Full-Everyone).
although these are only domain users, as a test, I made one of them member
of the domain admin group(which by the way is a member of local
admininistrators on the server) and local admins have full permission
to this public logged this user out and back in and he still could
not create folders-as domain admin.

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> > On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 21:40:55 -0400, "James" <>
> > wrote:
> >
> > >Can anyone help with this. I have a 3 winxp pc network on a domain
with 1
> > >windows 2003 server. It is the domain controller w/Active Directory. I
> > >set full permissions on a directory for my users and they can also map
> > >to it fine.Problem is they cannot create new folders or files in the
> > >directory. They get access denied. I checked the permissions, they are
> > >however the directory is READ ONLY. I remove this and it reverts right
> > >to read only.Why is this happening and how can I prevent it?
> >
> > Stop using the CD as a folder to create other folders in. :)
> >
> > This is not a default setting for Server 2003 on a normal drive.
> Actually, it is, though the OP is referring to the folder attribute and
> not NTFS permissions when referring to "Read only". Having said that,
> read only on a folder does not, in any way, affect one's ability to
> write to that folder.
> James, are you sure that you've set _both_ the share permissions and the
> NTFS permissions correctly? Simply setting Full Control on the share is
> not enough as the default NTFS permissions are not going to allow your
> users to write to the shared folder.
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