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From: Rick A. Butler (
Date: 07/27/04

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    Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:24:41 -0600

    GRCC -

    Assuming the data folders you're talking about are folders you created, you
    are correct. If you have a file folder that's listing 'Authenticated Users'
    for full control rights, that means anyone who can log onto the server,
    whether it be local or domain, would have FC on that folder. Since this is a
    DC, users logging on through AD apply here. (yeah, there are builtin
    users/groups, but often, they are not used on a DC)

    Full Control rights are hardly necessary on data folders. You only need to
    assign FC if you have people who need to assign permissions or take
    ownership. If all they need to do is Read, Write, Execute, or Delete, then
    set their effective permission to modify. In most cases, unless there is a
    general access need, you should prolly not even assign permissions to
    Authenticated Users, but rather, specify groups, assign personnel with need
    to know to those groups and give that group the permission it needs.

    Additionally, unless there is a specific need to share files from your DC,
    I'd recommend not using your DC for file services, especially if you only
    have one DC in your domain/forest.

    HTH -

    Rick A. Butler

    "GRCC" <> wrote in message
    > Dumb question probably, sorry. Authenticated Users have full control in
    > some data folders on our w2k domain controller. Is this neccesary?
    > that mean all users who are auhenticated have full control, which would be
    > all users? Authenticated Users somewhat confusing.
    > Thanks
    > GRCC

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