W2K3 domain in DMZ

From: John Koswalski (john.koswalski_at_perfectitsolutions.nl)
Date: 06/09/04

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 19:46:28 +0200


I'm considering setting up a seprate forrest for our DMZ in order to
facilitate management. I'm concerned about security and I'm looking for
information and best practices for this scenario. I'm also interested in
backup scenario's ... I would like to backup to file on a central sever in
the DMZ but I'm worried about the holes this might create in the DMZ domain.
Until now all our servers have been bastion hosts who could not even
communicate well with each other. Basically we nailed 'm as shut as we
could Si this scenario is a bit of a change for us. Thx for you input.

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