Re: permission denied on overwriting files (2003)

From: Roger Abell (
Date: 04/10/04

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 20:09:58 -0700

So what part of "Create Files/Write Data" is it that makes
you believe this means delete files ? When you overwrite
a file with another you delete the overwritten.
Have you tried making sure that Append Data and also
Delete are granted for Files Only ?

Roger Abell
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"DenoxiS" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I'm having problems on this new 2003 server. I have several web sites
> on this server. For each site I opened an FTP account and an admin
> account. Basically, you can reach to each web site via FTP with their
> FTP accounts, and you can access to their password protected folders
> with their admin accounts. Even though I gave all the permissions, I
> still get "permission denied" error on overwriting the files. With
> FTP, for example, I have to delete first to upload a file. Also in the
> password protected folders, after the admin password is entered, an
> ASP page can create a file but cannot overwrite the existing file. It
> also returns "permission denied". When I delete the file from server
> and refresh the page it creates OK.
> I checked the Effective Permissions for these FTP and admin accounts
> on the necessary folders. Create Files/Write Data is checked. I also
> double checked if there is any related group that will overrule the
> permissions. The Administrator login works everywhere, but the ones I
> opened gives me the trouble. What else I am missing?
> Thanks in advance,
> ~D