Re: Stop Installation or Changing -- Please Help!!!

From: David Wang [Msft] (
Date: 03/31/04

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 17:23:51 -0800

Since desktop and screensavers are properties changeable by the users, the
only way I can think of doing this is to ACL the registry key where the
desktop and screensaver info is saved to deny Write access to all users.
This way, no matter what is run (either from the desktop, via Internet link,
or custom hack program, etc) to try and change the values, they will fail
when run as the user. Make sure the users are not Administrators (put them
in the normal User group) and you should be safe.

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"Joe Hardin" <> wrote in message
I have a Windows 2000 server network and I'm locking down the Win 2K and XP
workstations sucessfully.  I can prevent the users from changing their
desktops and screensavers by using a GPO.  However, if they go to any
websites that offer an option to change their desktops they are able to
execute the links and make the change that way.  I also have applied a GPO
that prevents Windows installer from running and it prevents setup.exe or
install.exe from running.  But I haven't found a way to prevent an internet
link or download from changing the desktop or screen saver.  How can I stop
Also, for MS Office 2k or above, is there a way to position the shortcut bar
and lock it into that postion to prevent the user from dragging it to
another side or changing it?
Thanks so much for your help,
Joe Hardin