Re: Delphi service wont run on Windows Server 2003

From: Jos (
Date: 03/16/04

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    Date: 16 Mar 2004 01:02:34 -0800

    > Possible way to check (not tested on 2003..) - get your customer to start
    > the Services applet, and change the username/password to a user that can
    > access the share. If it can now access the file, then it's a permissions
    > problem. I've seen this on Win2000..

    I'm pretty sure it is security related.

    When I make all the settings local (so the BDE is accessed through
    c:\myApp\BDE) my service works normal, under SYSTEM account.

    When I run the service and try to access the BDE through S:\BDE (s is
    mapped to c:\myApp and I run the application under the NETWORK SERVICE
    I ran into a couple of problems: first of all some registry settings
    were not accessable for the NETWORK SERVICE, so I changed the
    permissions and fixed this issue.
    The next problem is that the service cannot access the files in
    S:\BDE, but the NETWORK SERVICE has full controll on the Share and on
    the files. Any idea?


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