EFS with files on network share

From: Gordon (gdccyuen_at_alumni.cuhk.net)
Date: 02/25/04

Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:47:37 +0800

Anyone doing file encryption on network share?

I tested using 2 accounts: X and Y, and did have some success. However
there are a lot of thing I can't understand:

1. X and Y both have multiple EFS certificates (result of using
Auto-enrollment from AD integrated CA?), should X choose the most recent
one or what?

2. If X want to encrypt the file using another certificate from Y, the
server refuse and continue to use the previous picked one. Some cache on
server need to be cleaned?

3. All of a sudden, X could not add any certificate with an error
'Revocation Server is offline'. I try to capture the network traffic but
found no traffic at all which seems to check anything about certificate
revocation, any idea?