Re: Win2000 Directory Security

From: John Losey (
Date: 01/14/04

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:42:00 -0800

If you are a domain admin, and the machine is part of the domain, then NO.
As a Domain Admin, you can grant yourself the necessary access to give
yourself ownership/permissions on ANY file or folder on ANY domain member
(though it may take some work and knowledge on your part to accomplish that,
but it CAN be done).


"JD" <Summer79@GTE.Net> wrote in message
> Howdy
> I am administering a win 2000 IIS server remotely. Along with ISAPI dll's
> and
> SQL Server.
> There is one directory on this server that the owner does not want anyone
> to have access to.
> Is there anyway for me to have complete domain admin rights and yet still
> deny me
> access to that one directory?
> It's almost a weekly event for me to have to call the IS guy to get him to
> change my settings as the domain admin for 5 minutes so I can complete a
> task.
> Thanks
> Jeff

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