Re: Internet surfing being logged

Are you for real? New computer name = new machine, how exactly do you expect to join the new machine to the domain? How do you plan on adding a new user and or machine on the domain without domain administrator privileges? Do you think that your boss is stupid to the point of not noticing these things?

I suggest that you brush up your resume, you will probably need it if you try a stupid stunt like the one that you are now planing!


Gerard wrote:

Hello to all.
I discovered my boss is spying on the surfing habits of the employers
on the network.
He is using the administrator at the server's computer to check the
logs of the networked computers.
I figured if I change the IP address of my computer , and/or change
the user name, by opening a new user account he wouldn't be able to
figure out the identity of the computer doing the surfing. I have
sufficient privileges to carry out these changes.
Is it possible also to change the computer name? I assume the server
is either a Windows 2000 or 2003 PC.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


My PC is a Windows XP computer.