Re: Vista security...What Vista security?...

So what you are asking for is that Microsoft use its dominance in the market to put everybody else out of business. As a matter of fact the AV market is a very large business ($billions annually) that Microsoft would dearly love to get a piece of and they have acquired some smaller players to try to get in on the action. If you think that Microsoft is about to get in this market and give it away for free you are dreaming! For starters the other players would (rightfully) challenge and launch anti-competition complaints with the regulators. Secondly AV software are not static products, publishing good AV software is a very dynamic endeavour, keeping up with treats and security developments requires a lot of work by good qualified employees, it requires a constant daily effort to stay on top of things and provide good services and products in this market, if you think Microsoft will do this for free you are dreaming!

Finally, it would be interesting to conduct an informal pole here and see how many readers agree with your position, a move that would kill all the competition in the AV market and leave only one player to charge whatever it wanted for it's services and serve only those whom they want to serve! Certainly you wouldn't have the best of products if your wish came true and secondly (being that you are posting in a Windows 2000 group) by this time next year when Windows 2000 will have reached its end of support life cycle Microsoft could simply say "Sorry, no more AV products for Windows 2000. Please upgrade your operating system to the newest available version..." Whichever way you look at it your plan would be a very bad one for consumers! Microsoft will have the earn its place in this market, it will have to do so by offering good products at competitive prices, not by giving substandard products away for free just to put the competition out of business.


PixelCraft wrote:
Having had to buy a Windows machine for work, I am appalled at how Microsoft can make billions and billions of dollars of profit and NOT include automatic protection from viruses and the like.

How expensive can it be to buy out Macfee and Norton and offer their services for FREE? After all, it is the c**p OS that makes it possible to exploit its weaknesses and yet there is NO responsibility taken for it. Instead, there's a complex in your face Macfee service embedded in the OS that costs extra. Just turning it off is a nightmare.

It's a hidden cost of running Windows, whichever way you look at it because JUST to run the OS safely, you need antivirus protection.

I feel as if I've bought a car for x dollars and then found you actually need seatbelts to drive it safely -- BTW, here is a seatbelt manufacturer and their subscriptions. Just so you don't forget to buy their seatblets and monthly subscription and blame us if you get thrown out of a car when you *start* it, we will remind you daily and we will split the service so you'll be sh** scared to disable it or to uninstall it.

Hmmm...and they wonder why M$ has a bad reputation!


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