Group policy still applying even though disable on domain

I am having issues with the default domain policy applying to my computer
even though it is disabled on the domain and am looking for a way to to
remove all references to it on the local machine if possible.

Here is a brief synopsis of what I have done that led me to this point:
1.Machine was currently on the domain while I used Security Configuration
and Analysis tool to make some changes to the local machine as part of a
security checklist.
2.Noticed that changes were not applying on this machine, so I grabbed a
..sdb file I had created on another workstation and copied it over to this one.
3.I was able to make all the changes needed while using the new .sdb file.
Once everything was done, I removed it from the domain in preparation to
build an image of the drive.
4.After removing it from the domain and building the image of the drive, I
then went forth and re-added it to the domain. After the reboot and login, I
noticed that the changes I had made have been reverted back to what they were
5.After running a gpresult /v on the computer, I noticed that the Default
Domain Policy was still being applied to this workstation.

I am not sure what my next course of action should be. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. If you need more info, please let me know.

Thank You,