Re: Renaming or deleting the systems (owner) folder.

"Jacquie" <Jacquie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Okay so here's the skinny....I'm trying to fix a family laptop to be
down to someone else in the family...I've changed the
owner/computer/location/company name, however, the original file folder
the first family member is still located under the documents and settings
it will not let me rename/delete it saying that it is a system folder and
required by windows....and of course the original system discs are no
to be found so I can't rebuild the @#$% thing. I have done most of the
clean/performance tune-up and it is working just fine....this is probably
just an annoyance to me but is there anyway to change it over to the new
owner name or is it just something they'll have to live with?

If it is under Documents and Settings named for the family member
then it is just a part of that old account's profile. You may, logged
in as an admin, need to first take ownership and let it reset the NTFS
premissions to grant to admins, but then you ought to have no problem
with a simple delete of the whole thing. This is all in the NTFS
permissions (security dialog in the folder's properties) advanced
dialog on the Owner tab.