Re: critical error message on registry damaged/corrupted

tellmeall wrote:
Thanks Dennis. I won't persue that fix. Should I presume the message is not
accurate either and there is no resistry problem?

Thank you

"Dennis Dow" wrote:

tellmeall wrote:
Have windows xp professional. The pop-up just started with above problem.
It suggests going to
FIXREG.COM and pay $39 to fix problem and stop pop-up. Is this a
scam or a legitimate fix? Can I correct this registry problem myself? Am I
in danger of permanent damage if I ignore pop-up?

Thank you
I can almost guarantee that it's a scam. Get a real virus program and a
separate anti-spyware program from a trusted source. Most likely you
have some form of spyware and they're trying to hook you into
downloading a bot downloader.


It's certainly possible that you have some form of mal-ware. I'd get
Spy bot Search and Destroy or one of the other main stream anti-spyware
programs and run it to get rid of the pop-ups and as a preventative
against other attacks.