Re: xp sp2 Firewall Settings for allowing MBSA

Perhaps you cited this KB in error ?

With the target system's firewall on can you access its shares
from the mgmt machine from which you will do the remote scans?

If not, check that the needed services are running and the
MS Client networking ports are open for the mgmt machine.
These are listed in the MBSA Faq
down under the topic
"How can I scan a computer that is protected by a firewall?"

If you can access shares, and the other two services (remote
registry and automatic updates) are correctly configured, then
did to force the update client to use a known, fixed port as its
dcom/rpc endpoint (again, detailed in faq at same location).

"Mr. Rao" <MrRao@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

i had done all GP Settings and Port exception like tcp ,udp ports
135,137,138,445,593 etc... but the xp system blocks the mbsa connection
is running on windows2000 server...which are published in groups and
and also i had made the hotfix for xp sp2 WindowsXP-KB902400-x86-ENU--
is described in the article....the articles which i read is below

but i didn't get.. when i turnoff the firewall it will working fine...

any suggestions plz....

Thanks & Regards