Re: after changing password I can not re-map a drive using another

"tdr" <tdr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
we are a small IT shop, If I need to help them locate the program, where
would the Password sync pgm on the windows server be located and what is


Answers to those would depend on whether they have installed/configured
such software, and if so, what? Ask them if they have installed Microsoft's
Services for Unix or something similar from another vendor.


"Roger Abell [MVP]" wrote:

I would guess that you are right and that it is the AIX rs\6000
Have you asked those running the systems whether they are sure
that the password sync they use is working?
MS provides a couple solutions, but there are many others out
there, for keeping the passwords of Window and Unix systems
in sync by changing on the other when user changes on one.
It sounds like the syn to AIX did not happen.

"tdr" <tdr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
desktop os - windows XP sp2.
domain server os - windows 2000 sp4
rs/6000 - aix 5.3

I need to map a drive, using a common user id.
so when I map the drive I click the "connect using a different name"
enter the id and password then click OK.
then it states that the "user name or password is invalid" and
the enter user name and password screen re-opens.

when I changed my domain password back to the old password,
I can map the drive using the common id.

So i think one of the servers did not get my new password and is not
allowing me access. either active directory ( I assume 2000 is AD) or
RS/6000 but I'm not sure which one.


"Roger Abell [MVP]" wrote:

What OS ?
And what is it that you do/experience during "map" act?
Try start/run and enter
control keymgr.dll
to see if there are cached credentials for use with that rs/6000

"tdr" <tdr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
yesterday I was using a mapped drive to a rs/6000 system.
I changed my windows password
today I can not map the drive.

I changed the password back and now I can map the drive.

any idea where I should start looking?